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Our Firm is solution-driven, and commercially- minded. We understand the challenges that the mining industry faces and offer integrated solutions to address them. From acquisition of mining title, to defending that title, we have the right stuff to set your mining interests on the right path. Our approach to mining advisory not only prepares clients for current laws but also prepares them for changes in the law and sustainable approaches to extraction.

We provide our clients with specialist advice on all types of mining-related transactions such as:

  • Investment in mining and respective investment licenses

  • Purchase/sale of mineral and mining assets

  • Exploration & exploitation of minerals

  • Mining joint ventures

  • Mergers & acquisitions

  • Mining rights

  • Mine development

  • Structuring of community involvements in mining projects (share ownership schemes etc.) and engagements

  • Environmental protection

  • Advice on the applicability of indigenization and empowerment laws.

truck on dirt
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